Mittwoch, 30. März 2016

Dinner with Tiffany's

Having the luck to be at the Boathouse in New York City is unforgettable. Finding some cute presents from Tiffany's was a great surprise, I'm really thankful that the company I work for is soo generous. So I've had a really delicios dinner in a unique location. For me this was the absolutely perfect table. 
This is me making a little stop at the Bethesda fountain on my way to the Boathouse. 
The relaxing atmosphere of The Lake at Central Park makes you forget the noise and the traffic of NYC. 

New York, New York

I'll never forget the view of my hotel room in New York City. How could I? Every single scyscraper seems to tell another story and the are really amazing to look at even from the 38th floor. So having this view at afternoon is great, but I adored the viele at night!!
What an amazing contrast of dark and light, high and low there is. The Big Apple never sleeps and so there is as much traffic at night as during the day. The Rockefeller Center looks magic, right? 

Dienstag, 29. März 2016

Nature's power

Lately I prefer a healthy salad for lunch, not just because it's healthy, but it tastes so fresh and yummy. No matter how many ingredients your salad will have, make sure you top it with a good olive oil extra-vergine. For my salad I've used baby spinach, cocktail olives, cherry tomatoes, cashew nuts and goji berries. Then I added sea salt, some vinegar and olive oil. Healthy, nutritive and full of nature's power. 

Macarons? Oui ma chère!!

One of the first things I'm thinking of when it comes to Paris are macarons. As I love desserts and everything sweet those are perfect for me. Still wondering where to go for the best macarons in town? The answer is Ladurée, of course.
Ladurée offers a huge selection of the finest and most delish macarons ever. Be careful though, you may want to try every single one that has another taste and colour. 
Here you can see a corner of Ladurée The Bar. I was fascinated by all the pattern and colours that reminded me of fairytales.

Montag, 28. März 2016

Delishhh over the clouds

My favourite airline is Turkish Airlines, delicious meals guaranteed. You truly feel like eating in a restaurant. The picture shows my meal in the THY businessclass and as you can see everything has been arranged nicely.

Milano Mercatino Mediterraneo

I love Milan, but not only for being the capital of fashion. Via Papiniano is one of my to-do's when I'm in Milan. It's a nice mixture of fleamarket and foodmarket.  You can get everything fresh and yummy and the prices are really affordable.
You can find almost everthing to eat and cook fresh, so you'll get hungry for sure and want to try the different yummy goodies. 


Boil 3 cups of mulberry syrup (or grape srup) with 1 cup of water, 2-3 cinnamon sticks and 3-4 cloves to add a special oriental flavour. Place the peeles pears into the pot and cook them for 45 minutes at low temperature. Take the pears out of the pot and let them cool. Serve with whipped cream, heavy cream or ice cream. Enjoy!!