Sonntag, 7. August 2016

Amalfi coast - Agerola

Ciao, it's time for some new travel stories and pics. After working working and working in the past weeks I needed a place to relax. Usually travels to the Italian coast mean party and lots of people. So I needed a place both lovated at the coast and make me relax. When I checked the hotels at the Amalfi coast, every single one was so beautiful and inviting. Then I found one located in Agerola, the Villa Donna Fausta Hotel. 
Such a relaxing and calming view from the terrace with nothing but the sea in the background. 
Every detail in this lovely place makes you feel home, it's so cozy and nice to spend time at. 
Here is a detail of the breakfast room, some rustic elements are the perfect decoration for this place. 
This is a lovely place to come back, especially if you don't like the big crowded hotels.

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