Dienstag, 9. August 2016

Ciao Positano!!

Ready for a trip to Positano? If you are visiting the Amalficoast in Italy, Positano is a must-see place. You can take the bus or the ferry to go there. 
I decided to take the ferry and I absolutely enjoyed the ride. Having an amazing view to Positano from the sea as the ferry gets closer is stunning.
As allover the Amalficoast the colourful houses are everywhere and so nice to look at. 
It may look like a postcard, but this is a pulsating place with people coming from all over the world to discover Positano. 
As I love to take a walk to discover a new place, there were many great points to have a different view over this heavenly piece of earth.
Those different shades of the sea is magical, and as you can see, people coming to Positano love boattrips.
It was so nice to have a walk at the beach and making the feet happy with every wave that cooled them with the cool seawater.

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